[ BAP@ sunway lagoon] When I reached Sunway lagoon zelo and himchan were playing the water slide with wind lee(tv host). When they slide down, the water splashed all over them. Himchan sat there and laughed like a kid hahaha

Halfway, Yongguk took off his shirt but I only saw him from far. And of course I saw the tattoo on his back from far too keke. He is way too skinny! >< actually all the members are very skinny Lol.

After that, they moved to play the flying fox. It was above the water. Zelo and daehyun were so playful, they splashed the water to the other members when they ‘flied’ pass x) and daehyun even played with the kids around him ❤

When they were walking to the go kart place, I hold up my bang & zelo signatured single and shouted for zelo. (they were actually very near to me so I didn’t really shout, shout but yea you get what I mean lol) he looked up and smiled at me. You know, his signatured shy smile that made me wanna squish him so badly LOL. I shouted for yongguk too, but young jae looked over first and used his arm to ask yongguk to look over. Both of them smiled too ^^ I was so happy at that moment heheh

They waited for quite a while at the go kart place. And young jae kept looking back as if he was looking for someone. Oh and, his face appeared to be smaller in real life! *O*  then I also heard yongguk talking to the staff in English Lol. When the game first started, daehyun couldnt move his kart and all the fans were laughing at him xD we stood at the side to watch them play, but couldn’t take any pic cause securities were everywhere >< but I managed to record a short fancam with my iPhone hehe will upload soon! Himchan’s face was like this>> :O throughout the whole game. SO FREAKING CUTE >< and another funny thing is pabo Zelo went another round cause he didn’t know the game ended already LMAO!

So they walked back to the ‘beachside’ (the pool is actually very big, and designed like a beach ^^) and we were following beside them. I was standing really really close to them but I just didn’t know what to say >< at last I saw himchan and I called for him. he looked over! I totally didn’t expect that haha I said ‘neomu kyeopta!’ (referring to the go kart expression) he just smiled and bowed Kekeke

They changed, took pics with the staff and tv crew. I guess daehyun is a big leopard fan, both of his cap and bag are in leopard prints lol and himchan carried a pink MCM bag keke before they left, himchan took a pic of the fans with his instant camera.

So basically everyone was running beside them when they were walking towards to exit lol I wanted to take a Polaroid photo of whichever member so desperately. I finally found the chance when himchan was beside me. I’m actually very small size >< so I just went through the guard and asked himchan ‘one pic please?’ then he stopped walking! I was like zomg! It’s my chance now! But the guard kept wanting to push me away -.- but too bad, I still managed to snap the pic muahahaha xD then I kept saying kamsahamnida to himchan lol. Erm I didn’t mention this before but my ultimate bias is Zelo haha so I swore to myself I must try to get his attention again. I ran next to him. I literally ran, cause he was walking quite front when I was busy snapping himchan’s photo haha the guards kept blocking me from taking photos. Then I said please just one photo, they said no, no cannot! So I just simply took a Polaroid photo of zelo which was blur. >< I wasn’t satisfied (of course I wasn’t) LOL so I hold my bang and zelo single up again and shouted ‘Zelo saranghae!!’ AND HE LOOKED OVER AND BOWED TO ME! With his signatured shy smile again!! I felt like I was melting at that moment hahaha then you know what I did? I was so brave (brave might sounds a bit too exaggerating xD) to extend my hand to him to ask for a handshake. And as expected, the guards were trying to stop me again -.- BUT ZELO SHOOK MY HAND! I was like ASDFGHJKL LOLOL too happy, seriously too happy! Even writing this now I can still feel my excitement Kekeke and before they went out through the exit door, my friends and I called for jongup (he’s always the slowest walker hahaha.) He looked back and smiled at us and we just said see you tomorrow! Cause we were stunned and didn’t know what else to say Lol.

And yea, that’s basically how the Sunway lagoon stalking journey went haha Stay tuned to my fb page: facebook.com/beeboowy.photography for HQ pictures ^^

Himchan and Zelo’s Polaroid photos:
http://t.co/kEOxbKt0 ^^

credit: @beeboowy

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