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B.A.P Photobk Take 2:  Daehyun’s msg to Babys (Translation)

Babys! Hello. I’m B.A.P’s Daehyun.

Finally B.A.P’s 2nd photobook is published. ㅎㅎFirst album Warrior, subsequently to second album Power, thanks to Babys’ love and encouragement, we finished everything well. Mood is really good!^^

Starting from showcase, Warrior Album to Power Album, it seems like it’s just a few days ago that we had all these activities. Time really seems to pass by really fast. During the showcase, it was really surprising that so many people came and even till now, the never changing love from then that everyone has given, I really thank you. Although our debut hasn’t even been a year, as long as it’s the time we spend with Babys, it’s gonna continue and be a meaningful time. Starting from the first broadcast , thanks to everyone who had been together with us, everyday is an exciting and enjoyable day. Early morning, the many Babys who came to our music broadcast!! Even though it’s really tiring and hard, thank you for still coming to support B.A.P.  Babys who do everything together with us really feels like our family.

When we were on stage or practising, everytime we see fans leaving messages like “Please have strength!”, “We are here!”, we always feel happy and that everything is worth it. Really, because we have our Babys who are always with us, all 6 of us receive a lot of strength and seem to be able to show an even more developed image to you.  Thanks to everyone, we are not lonely and able to spend each day with strength.

It’s  merely the starting now but I always want to be with Babys, 2 years, 5 years,  till 10 years!! Babys have the same thought as me right? ㅎㅎ I believe so! Because Babys are loyal. No matter when, the lively and loyal Babys and B.A.P are one. A friend that we can’t do without.

This time round during Power acitivities, through the fansigns, I had once again felt the happiness that Babys are with us. There’re fans who sang for me, fans who danced enjoyably for me, and also fans who take care of each and everything for me. Babys are really cheerful, cute and seem to have a warm heart. In the future, not only fansigns, it will be great if we can have many chances to meet Babys upclose.

And also, OVERSEAS BABYS!! (translator’s note: YEAH he mentioned us!^^) Even though the distance is far, to see us, you guys came all the way no matter what, I really wanna thank you. We will also work even harder so that we can directly go and find overseas Babys, so you guys cannot forget us even though you think we are far apart. Absolutely no!! ㅎㅎ

For our ultimate goal of conquering the Earth,  it seems like we still need a lot of time and effort.  Conquering the Earth also includes : so as not to fall short of Babys’ expectations, we always work hard and developed ourselves.  We will become an even more cool and capable B.A.P compared to now, please look forward to it.  Baby and B.A.P, let’s become one and conquer the Earth together! ^^

Lastly, Babys! We are also working hard preparing for our next album and coming back within a short time,  please show us lotsa concern and encouragement.  Also to our representatives, directors,  bosses  who always help and care for us, and also TS staff, thank you always. And  our forever Babys! Thank you and Love you!!


B.A.P Photobk Take 2: Yongguk’s msg to Babys (Translation)

POWER activities ended and I want to thank the many Babys who gave us a lot of support and love. When we went on stage, the loud cheer and support that was given to us, always made us even more confident.

When we stand on the stage, I can feel that many of you are watching us through TV or at the audience seats. From time to time, the stage that we enjoyed ourselves also let us feel burdensome unknowingly as we receive people’s evaluation of us, there are also times when we were caught under pressure and couldn’t enjoy the stage. However, fans who always give us huge cheer and support, had become our driving force that let us show you our natural image again.

Actually, as we are preparing for this second album, I’ve done a deep reflection on a me who can’t justify myself. Because of my hand injury and personal reasons, I can’t manage myself professionally. With that image, I went up the stage and caused many of you to worry, I reflected deeply and bowed my head and I definitely want to say I’m sorry. The activities for the album promotion had already been decided at that time, yet during the dance practices, I suffered from a hand injury. Many people had tried to prevent me from doing the activities, but it’s because of my own fault, many promises were delayed and it is not something that I can go against my sense of morality. No one forced me to do it, but I chose it myself to start activities. Actually, I had my fears and I don’t have any confidence. However, because of our members who worried about me, who watched over me and supported me, and the TS family and also our fans, I can show you my cool image till the end. Although there were still many insufficient points, through this I had chance to learn and also prepared hard once again to complement and also chance of showing you another image of us. Please watch over us.

Also, after my hand injury, people around me showing me support helped me to win over the tough times but at that period, my grandfather who’s like a huge pillar to me, passed away. My heart was in great pain, it was such a sad time for me that I want to put down everything. There were times when I can’t support my own feelings well on stage, there were also times when I was still crying for awhile just barely before we are going up on stage. There were also many times when I felt that there’s no one in this world who can understand me and I bear a grudge with this world. There were also many times when I don’t wish to do anything and don’t wish to go out.

However, all these, to me had seem to be giving me even greater meaning. This is my thought: I want to achieve my dream even more rightly and show my grandfather who’s in heaven that I’m enjoying what I’m doing. As the grandson of my grandmother who’s now left alone, I’m not going to let her be lonely. Also, to the people who hold a special meaning to me, the way that I can repay them, is to show them my happy self than before, work hard and show them my cheerful image on stage.

Also, to do all these, is not what I can do alone. Our members, company staff, and also our fans who always give my on-stage performance huge love, helped me to run this long and rugged race without giving up on me. As much as we put all our heart into this album, everyone who also believed us till the end, I want to express my thanks once again.

Music is not everything about the end product we can see with our eyes, if you remove this, I think there’s a more meaningful value that comes with it. I had also, through the activities this time round, learnt more about the deep meaning and emotion that I can get through music. From time to time, I had times when I felt my heart throbbing as I look forward to see a more mature image of me. In that expectation, I’m unable to forget the feeling of “POWER”.

Through the POWER activities, in my youth, I think I had spent the greatest and most meaningful time. Thank you and thank you again. I will come back with our members with an even more cool image. Everyone thank you.


B.A.P Photobk Take 2: Youngjae’s msg to Babys (Translation)

Hi~ BABY!! I’m B.A.P’s Youngjae.

As we were preparing for the 2nd album POWER, to the Babys who were waiting for us, we wanted to show a more developed image, than the first album WARRIOR , even it’s only a little more, so we really worked hard to prepare even though it’s within a short period of time.

Actually, starting from recording, then dance practices, album jacket photoshoot, music video filming and in the middle, we went over for overseas activities, the time we can prepare is really not a lot. Because of this, I am worried and have thoughts like “can we do this well?”. However, the period when we were doing our preparations, thanks to the many Babys who gave us many support through SNS and fancafe, I am able to gain strength and can prepare well.

To the Babys who didn’t forget about us for this 1 whole month, I really want to say a word of thanks to you. What if you guys are not waiting, what should I do I’m a little (?) worried about it. ^_^

During the 1.5 months of POWER activities, Babys who came to see us for every broadcast, monitoring us, cheering enthusiastically for us, we really received a big strength when we were standing on stage. Please continue to support in future ^_^ Ah! Also, during 1st album WARRIOR that time, it’s a pity that we can only hold 1 fansign, but this time round, we did it, starting from Gwanghwamun, to Daegu, Busan, Incheon, Daejeon and Gwangju, until Yongsan. Thank you to the many Babys we had met during the fansign period. As we meet face to face, our Babys are really cute and pure!! (Translator’s note: you sure?! LOL) I really cannot forget. Thanks to Babys, it seemed like I had really spent a very happy time, and I’m really thankful.

Like that, through our last schedule, the Yongsan fansign, without realising, 2nd album single activities all ended. It seems like we just debuted a few days ago, but we are already preparing for our third album. And also, without knowing, some BABYs had become like my friends, who are looking forward and waiting for my music. Thanks to these friends, I had become a person who’s a little more ambitious, and these friends helped me to be able to work even harder to justify my career as a singer. Really thank you our BABYs who made me become a person with a little more responsibility!

Including our BABYs, there are also many other people who had given me a lot of help like this. Our Director as well as our TS staff. Because of us, you guys have to stay awake through the night too, thank you always.

And also, the composers who gave us good songs, our PLAY team brothers who gave us nice choreography and working hard with us, our families who are always worried about us, our brothers B.A.P members whom I love, and BABYs whom I love and am grateful to!!

To be able to have myself standing here like this, I really received a lot of help and love from many people.

I will work hard in the future so as to become a person who can share all the love and help that I had received till now. Really thank you.

Ah! Our BABYs! As we are going to come back soon with better music, better contents, just wait a little while more! Promise~! So see you later! ^_^


B.A.P Photobk Take 2: Jongup’s msg to Babys (Translation)

Hello. I’m B.A.P’s Jongup.

Erm..for the very first time, as we prepared for WARRIOR album and our showcase, the thought of going on stage made me feel uneasy, and also very nervous. However, because many people had seen us in a good way, I’m really happy. That’s why all of us seem to be able to enjoy the WARRIOR activities even better.

During the first activity after our debut, it was a stage full with rough patches and mistakes, but it seemed like everything was a good experience. Also, now that I come to think about the showcase, although it’s a pity that the stage has ended, my heart is filled with interesting experiences and memories. During the showcase, the image of many people holding the lightsticks and supporting us is still so vivid in my mind. Although it includes all of our shoes flying off, that day was really a day that I cannot forget in my life!! ㅎㅎ

Because there were more BABYs giving us support during this second album POWER period than WARRIOR, we also prepared this album with an even more enjoyable heart than the first album. However, actually when POWER activities came to an end, and I was thinking by myself, I seem to be the only one who is unable to communicate well with Babys among the members…I’ve been reflecting a lot. Thus, next time onwards, I promise I will write what I want to say on memo papers! Please anticipate. Lol.

Erm…from time to time, if BABYs can be frank with us, that will be good. I will be prepared to accept BABYs’ affection-filled suggestions humbly during the period of our activities. ^^; With BABYs’ many advices, it will make B.A.P become even more perfect. ㅎㅎ

During every open broadcast when we stood on the stage, I always feel this way: BABYs’ cheering seems to be really loud. 50 people’s cheering voices that can surpass 100 people’s voices! ㅋㅋ Thank you. In the near future when time passes, it will be great if the support and anticipation for us do not change. Always well-mannered, well-disciplined, picking up litter..these images of BABYS…for our BABYS with such nice personalities, we are always worrying and to see you with a cool image, we will work very hard!! Please anticipate.

This time for POWER, we did so many more fansigns than WARRIOR time. For these fansigns, we went to several regions. It seemed to have a lot of interesting stuff happening. There were fans who came for all our fansigns, there were also fans who came, but didn’t speak a word and with no expression, just sipping her drink and receiving our autographs. ㅋㅋㅋDifferent regions also have fans with different satoori (slang), it’s really interesting! Through these fansigns, I’m happy that we were able to meet BABYs with different kind of charms.

Ah, and also, thank you BABYs for all the presents given to us during the activities. I want to express my thanks for every single thing, but it’s a pity that I cannot do it. I will repay BABYs through showing you our cool image on stage. Lastly, I’m always thankful for BABYs, I will become the B.A.P Jongup who always works hard with enthusiasm.

Thank you.


B.A.P Photobk Take 2: Himchan’s msg to Babys (Translation)

Hello! Babys. Today, what words should I start from? Keke

Firstly, I will start with words of thanks. Really thank you for always being beside us. The time we spent together, 100 days just passed by swiftly. Things like this and that, we have so much to say and though we have many flaws too, we can be together like this is a really happy thing.

When WARRIOR first came out, I had thought a lot about “How should we show ourselves?” “How will the public receive us?” After the debut, we received a lot of love from everyone, because of this, we were so grateful and happy but it’s a fact that we aren’t able to have a lot of time to express all these to BABYs. Even though it’s like this, it’s still fortunate that we are able to have time to express it through these words here.

Our BABYs! I suddenly thought of our first showcase time. If I think about that time, I have such strange feelings that my tears are on the verge of falling. 3000 BABYs who’s been waiting for our stage, and the BABYs who had been waiting for us. The very first day we are meeting, from the morning, I put in a lot of effort on my image, it’s like the feeling of meeting my girlfriend for the very first time. Maybe I’ve said before but I want to ask another time. BABYs, you will become my girlfriend right? Of course I believe you will!^^ Suddenly I miss the Secret Love times. We were in Secret Love isn’t it? Keke

100th day Fanmeeting that day, I remember I had chosen a question “The day I most remembered after debut”. I had never had a birthday party since I was born, after debut on my birthday, BABYs had given me a memory that I really cannot forget. I really want to express my gratitude towards the people who had held a birthday party for me on that day. In the past, the present and the future, if we can always move forward and continue to create memories together, it will be great. In this world, there’re things that cannot be exchange with money isn’t it?

In life, people are assets we can get. I think this asset is so valuable that we cannot exchange it with anything. However, even so, it seems like we will have times that we will forget occasionally about this. With each other, we cause hurt and we receive hurt, us being divided from others and if these situations fit us, I am not sure. (Translator’s note: Sorry, I’m not too sure about his meaning here) You guys know what we always want right? BABYs who have proper manners and always be in orderly manner. We have never once doubted BABYs and in the future too, so you guys will do it for us right? I am believing it. The reason why I am saying this is because we want to express that we want to be closer to BABYs and this has always been in my thoughts.

If you guys wait a little while more, we will be able to come out with a more cool image. When we are standing on stage, BABYs’ cheering is really charming. I want to feel that charming image quickly everyday.

This period of time when we were preparing, because there’re people waiting for us, I seem to be able to feel the happiness. Thus, I want to show my cool image more than anyone else. Of course I always want to show only my best image to my girlfriend right. Keke.

Someone once said this to me. Luck is when you have and give happiness. “Boys!! It’s luck to me for being able to meet you guys and to me, you guys are always the one who let me have happiness. It’s still insufficient to enjoy this kind of happiness yet but it’ll be great if we share this happiness together. Although we are together yesterday, today, tomorrow , I really didn’t know that I will miss you guys like this when we were apart for a while. I want to see you soon, boys! Always love you, and love you and thank you. Let’s hurry meet up!!”


B.A.P Photobk Take 2: Zelo’s msg to Babys (Translation)

Hello. I’m B.A.P’s magnae ZELO!

Without realising, POWER activities had all ended. I debuted during my middle school 3rd year and without realising, I’m already in high school 1st year. People around had been asking me a lot about how I feel about realising my dream at such a young age. Though it’s a fact that I’ve realised my dream as a singer, I think it’s still a long way to go for me. Bang & Zelo activities and till WARRIOR, POWER activities ended, I’ve discovered that I’m growing and improving day by day.

Before the debut as B.A.P, when we were preparing for the showcase, I thought a lot about “will many people like us?” We came out with a strong concept through 1st single album WARRIOR, thus I thought that fans will be hesitated about us instead of drawing close to us.

However, fans gave a lot of attention on our same hair colour, and to differentiate each individual member’s differences, fans also attentively watched over our daily look etc. and was amazed by our individual character, thus coming closer to us more.

Although initially I was not used to it and awkward because of fans’ inquiry and attention, during broadcast activities, because BABYs are around, I am not afraid and can do it well. Also, the many news experiences that I had gone through during Bang & Zelo activities had helped me with B.A.P activities.

Actually, I like doing cute things but I am unable to say words that are “ticklish to face” (Translator’s note: I believe he meant greasy, think Himchan. LOL) Therefore, I think it’s not easy at all to call out such a nickname like BABY naturally, but as we did more activities, I had became more familiar with this nickname. Now during fansigns, I had changed so much that I can even use my hands to do a heart shape.

When B.A.P was preparing for debut that time, after we ended our practices and went back to dorm, many times, the sun is always up already and we had to work through the night. We kept feeling tired everyday, yet when we had not yet actually debut, many fans, no matter what, had given us support and encouragement. Thanks to the fans who supported us like this, we are able to have this B.A.P now. We seem to be receiving over-flowing love.

Now that I can stand here as B.A.P’s Zelo and not feeling daunted, it’s all thanks to our fans, who had given us support enthusiastically more than anyone else. Also, it’s because of the local and overseas fans who always monitor us and through SNS, Fancafe, leaving supportive messages for us.

At times when we were perspiring hard and so tired till we want to collapse, BABY friends, dongsaengs, noonas who helped us get up again, I can feel so much of your preciousness. I still have times that I think that the support given by fans to me is overly excess.

When I turn 18, 19, 20, through an even more developed image than now, I will work hard so as to repay all of your support.

I will always be humble, and like my height, step by step I will grow and progress as B.A.P’s Zelo. B.A.P’s BABYs who support us without holding back, I LOVE YA!


Credits : busansatoori @ tumblr

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01. Goodbye


Romaja (Romanization + Transcription)

쉽게 봤던 이 세상이 내 맘대로 굴러가지 않을 때
swipge bwatdeon i sesangi nae mamdaero gulleogaji anheul ttae
혼자 감당할 수 없는 절망에 점점 무너지고
honja gamdanghal su eomneun jeolmange jeomjeom muneojigo
현실이라는 벽 앞에 자꾸 끝도 없이 추락하는 게
hyeonsiriraneun byeok ape jakku kkeutdo eobsi churakhaneun ge
oh 난 이 세상을 헤쳐 나가야할 방향을 잃었어
oh nan i sesangeul hechyeo nagayahal banghyangeul irheosseo

대체 왜 왜 왜
daeche wae wae wae
즐거운 코미디 영화를 봐도 웃음대신 왜 눈물이 나는지
jeulgeoun komidi yeonghwareul bwado useumdaesin wae nunmuri naneunji
나만 왜 왜 왜
naman wae wae wae
가슴 한켠 뜨거워지는 책 한권을 봐도 외로움에 공감이 가지 난
gaseum hankyeon tteugeowojineun chaek hangwoneul bwado oeroume gonggami gaji nan
뭔가에 홀린듯해 모든 아픔들이 내 얘기같이 몰입돼
mwongae hollindeutae modeun apeumdeuri nae yaegigachi moripdwae
일어나 한 번 더 right now
ireona han beon deo right now

No more pain goodbye goodbye
약해진 날 벗어 던지고 나를 이겨내겠어
yakhaejin nal beoseo deonjigo nareul igyeonaegesseo
bring me back to me
No more cry goodbye goodbye
이 세상을 뛰어 넘겠어 alright
i sesangeul ttwieo neomgesseo alright

포기란 말은 몰라 난 괜히 조급해질 필욘 없잖아
pogiran mareun molla nan gwaenhi jogeuphaejil pillyon eobtjanha
됐어 더 큰 꿈을 위해 지금 난 숨을 고를 뿐야
dwaesseo deo keun kkumeul wihae jigeum nan sumeul goreul ppunya
넘어지면 일어서고 실패 따위 즐기면 그만인걸
neomeojimyeon ireoseogo silpae ttawi jeulgimyeon geumaningeol
That’s right 다시 세상은
That’s right dasi sesangeun
내 편으로 돌아서고 있어
nae pyeoneuro doraseogo isseo

Never back back back
왜 많은 사람들은 기쁨보다
wae manheun saramdeureun gippeumboda
슬픔을 더 더 크게 생각하는지
seulpeumeul deo deo keuge saenggakhaneunji
Run my way way way
Run my way way way
왜 너무나도 얇은 귀 걱정뿐야
wae neomunado yarbeun gwi geokjeongppunya
남들 말에 휩쓸려 걸어가는 길
namdeul mare hwipsseullyeo georeoganeun gil
그들의 맘은 가난해 하지만 벗어날 수 있어
geudeurui mameun gananhae hajiman beoseonal su isseo
다시 툭툭 털어내고 뛰어 갈 수 있어
dasi tuktuk teoreonaego ttwieo gal su isseo
일어나 한 번 더 Right now
ireona han beon deo Right now

No more pain goodbye goodbye
No more pain goodbye goodbye
약해진 날 벗어 던지고 나를 이겨내겠어
yakhaejin nal beoseo deonjigo nareul igyeonaegesseo
bring me back to me
No more cry goodbye goodbye
이 세상을 뛰어 넘겠어 alright
i sesangeul ttwieo neomgesseo alright

크게 숨을 한번 들이마시고 내 뱉어
keuge sumeul hanbeon deurimasigo nae baeteo
할 수 있어 니가 닿을 수 있는 희망 계속해서 걸어
hal su isseo niga daheul su inneun huimang gyesokhaeseo georeo
멈추지 마 세상이란 그늘에선
meomchuji ma sesangiran geuneureseon
누구보다 더 더 더 넌 자유로워
nuguboda deo deo deo neon jayurowo

실패란 건 나를 더 강하게 하고
silpaeran geon nareul deo ganghage hago
두려움은 날 더 뛰게 하는걸 watch me now
duryeoumeun nal deo ttwige haneungeol watch me now

No more pain goodbye goodbye
No more pain goodbye goodbye
약해진 날 벗어 던지고 나를 이겨내겠어
yakhaejin nal beoseo deonjigo nareul igyeonaegesseo
bring me back to me
No more cry goodbye goodbye
이 세상을 뛰어 넘겠어 alright
i sesangeul ttwieo neomgesseo alright

Let me say goodbye goodbye
내 가슴에 불을 던지고
nae gaseume bureul deonjigo
진짜 내가 되겠어(난 달라지겠어)
jinjja naega doegesseo(nan dallajigesseo)
One more say goodbye goodbye
끝도 없는 뜨거움으로 한 번 더 alright
kkeutdo eomneun tteugeoumeuro han beon deo alright


When the world I looked easily upon does not proceed the way I want it to
And I gradually collapse under the despair that I can’t handle alone
Crashing endlessly into the wall called reality,
I lost the direction to breaking out of this world

Honestly why, why, why
When I watch an enjoyable comedy movie, why do tears flow instead of laughter
Why, why, why only me
When I read a book that warms a section of the heart, I still sympathize with the loneliness
As if I was possessed by something, as if all the pain seems to be my story, I understand
Stand up one more time right now

No more pain goodbye goodbye
Come out of my weakened self, throw it out, and I must win over myself
Bring me back to me
No more cry goodbye goodbye
I will jump higher than this world alright

I don’t know the words ‘give up’
There’s no need to be impatient
It’s okay, I’m only taking a breath right now for my bigger dream
When I fall, I stand up
If you enjoy a thing like failure, that’s all you will be
That’s right the world again is facing my side again

Never back back back
Why do many people think more of sadness than happiness
Run my way way way
Run my way way way
I’m only worried about the gullible
The path where one gets swept away by others’ words
Although their hearts are poor, they can escape
You can just shake it off again and run
Stand up one more time right now

No more pain goodbye goodbye
Come out of my weakened self, throw it out, and I must win over myself
Bring me back to me
No more cry goodbye goodbye
I will jump higher than this world alright

Take a deep breath once and let it out
You can do it, keep hoping for what you can reach and keep walking
Don’t stop under the shadow of the world
You’re more more more free than anyone else

Failure only makes me stronger
And fear makes me jump more watch me now

No more pain goodbye goodbye
Come out of my weakened self, throw it out, and I must win over myself
Bring me back to me
No more cry goodbye goodbye
I will jump higher than this world alright

Let me say goodbye goodbye
Throw a fire at my heart
I will become the real me (I will change)

One more say goodbye goodbye
To the endless heat, one more time alright


Credits: kpopgp, kpoppaparazzi

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Secret Love Fan Chant



Guideline: Bold = fanchant




I Know It Ain’t Easy For Two Of Us. That’s Right Man But You Know Whut? Wut sup!

Sometimes Just Don’t Care What Ppl Say Man. Things Are Goin’ Crazy All The Time You Know? I Got No Choice

Let Me Just Do This For Love.



amudo mollae saranghae amudo mollae saenggakhae sesange neowa naman algo itneun sarang

haru jongil neol gieokhae haru jongil neol saranghae kamokiraedo johah neo hana neoman isseumyeon sala


nugunga alachaebeorilgga mam pyeonhi motgeoleo danineun kangnamgeorieoduun bam garodeung neonsainmaniwoori saireul chukbokhaneun i ggoli gaseum apeuda manheun saramdeul apeseoneun bangaun maldan hanmadi mot geonneneun na aeteuthaekamseongiran teulboda iseongiran teulane kathyeobeorin wooriga


eoleum wireul geotneun gibun. haneul wireul naneun gibunnae ddeugeoun simjangeun

dugeun dugeun dugeun Love taeyangboda ddeugeoun neo eoleumboda chagaun na sarangeul mal mothaneun neowa nawa woori


amudo mollae saranghae amudo mollae saenggakhae sesange neowa naman algo itneun sarang

haru jongil neol gieokhae haru jongil neol saranghae kamokiraedo johah neo hana neoman isseumyeon sala


You Don’t Know Me. Never Ever Ever Know. You Don’t Know Me. Never Ever Ever


jeonhwa hantonghagi eoryeowo maeil molrae munjaro Talk Talk haedae nunchi reul bone woori saranghaeran malboda bogo shipdaneun mali deoik sokhaejin geot gata geuraeseo gaseumapeo onjongil ggeungggeung neol anlheo eodil bwado niga boyeoseo deo bogo shipeun mameul aleo yeope isseodo puk nulleosseun moja ddaemune nundo mot majuchineun imameul nuga aleo


eoleum wireul geotneun gibun. haneul wireul naeun gibun

ige jjarithan geonji, aejeolhan geonji gubuni andwae mwoga matneungji

taeyangboda ddeugeoeun neo. eoleumboda chagaeun na

oneuldo neoman aneun mesejiro nae saengtaereul teuwithae ajjilhan gibuneuro


amudo mollae saranghae amudo mollae saenggakhae sesange neowa naman algo itneun sarang

haru jongil neol gieokhae haru jongil neol saranghae kamokiraedo johah neo hana neoman isseumyeon sala

woorin eodilgado neul guseoke anhamwolhaedo gati mot jjikneun sajin hanjan ggeuge mwo geuri jungyohae nae yeope itneundemwolhaedo gati itneun sigani naegeon deo sojunghae wurin jamkkan seuchineun siseonedo nolladdagabgo duryeowo nugungai bimileul ggaelggageuge mwo geuri jungyohae nae yeope itneun neogeurigo gati itneun sigani woorin deo sojunghae


geuraedo neoman saranghae geuraedo neoman saenggakhae

yeongwonhi byeonchi anha neowa nae sarang

naboda neoreul saranghae naboda neoreul saenggakhae amudo molladodwae neo hana neoman isseomyeon sala


Credits : Bangsters Malaysia

Shared by : BAP archives




guideline : *whistle* = whistle part

                    Bold = Fanchant




Neohuineun gwireul makGO ibeul makGO Ni bae chaewoogi bappa da ppaeseoganeun role

DekalKO manicheoreom don kwonryeok myeongyedeuleun an byeonhaneun role

Umjigyeo ddaega dwaesseo kangjawa yakja geu paneul busul anthem Hyeokmyeong igeon guernica flow Geureonikka modu keep your head up



Deoneun eobseo jangyeneun eobseo Don apeda gulbokhaneun sesangiya Him itneunjaye geuneule Him eobneunjaneun jugneunda

Ani aniya ani aniya No no no jeongmal igeon aniya Naega wasseo uriga wasseo stop


We got the power I got the power Geu ape gulhaji ma neon neon Geureoji mara gogael deuleora

We got the power Geu-e masseo ssaweo Cheonsaye eolgullo nal nal nal Chyeodabojima keojitmalida


Warning warning warning warning *whistle* Warning warning warning warning *whistle* Warning warning warning warning *whistle*Warning warning warning warning


Are you ready?


Everybody say!Hate (*whistle*) you (*whistle*) One more say!Hate (*whistle*) you (*whistle*) Everybody say!Hate (*whistle*) you (*whistle*) One more say!


One shot! Hwa, hwanan bicheul garin jadeuli purineun hwengpo

Two shot! Akmareul ppaedeuleo dalmeun gyaedeuleun maeil gashikeul jitgo

Three shot! jangyeraneun gamyeoneul sseo geu-e masseo ssawooneunge nae ego

Four shot! Rideume matchweo teule bakhin geotdeuleun amudo moreuge da kkaebusheo (whoa)

Ijen umjigil shigani dwaesseo (B.A.P) Move the crowd action Urin i sesange sae barameul ileukyeo Da ddarawa jeori bikyeo Urin yakhan jadeulye it`s all passion


Geugeon dwaesseo gashikeun dwaesseo Akhanjaman salanamneun sesangiya Tv-e nawa utneun eolgullo

Eorin yeonghondeuleul jitbalbneunda Ani aniya ani aniya

No no no jeongmal igeon aniya Naega wasseo uriga wasseo stop



We got the powerI got the power Geu ape gulhaji ma neon neon Geureoji mara gogael deuleora

We got the power Geu-e masseo ssaweo Cheonsaye eolgullo nal nal nal Chyeodabojima keojitmalida


Warning warning warning warning *whistle* Warning warning warning warning *whistle*


Everybody say!Hate (*whistle*) you (*whistle*) One more say!Hate (*whistle*) you (*whistle*) Everybody say!Hate (*whistle*) you (*whistle*) One more say!


B.A.P Bang Yongguk B.A.P Kim Himchan

B.A.P Jung Daehyun B.A.P Yoo Youngjae

B.A.P Moon Jongup B.A.P Choi Junhong

Jigu jeongbuk B.A.P Po! Wer! Dae! Bak!


Bomb bomb follow me Himeul gajeunjayeo follow me

Bomb bomb follow me Na-Na-Na-Na-La-La-La

Bomb bomb follow me Modu hanadwie follow me

Bomb bomb follow me Na-Na-Na-Na-La-La-La

We got the Power..Woah~

I got the Power..Woah~

Geu ape gurhaji ma neon, neon geureoji mala gogael deureora..Gogael deureora~

We got the Power..Woah~

Geue matseo ssawo Cheonsaui eolgullo nal, nal, nal chyeodaboji ma geo-jit-marida.


Credits : Bangsters Malaysia

Shared by : BAP archives



guideline : *whistle* = whistle part

                    Bold = Fanchant


Warrior Is BackWe Gonna Rock This

B. *whistle* A. *whistle* P

What’s Your B? matseo ssaulkke i georie yeonghondeureul wihae whoa

What’s Your A? saeroun hyeongmyeongui shijakjeommagaboltemyeon magabwa nal

What’s Your P? akhan DNA, baireoseuurin jeonsadeureul da irheosseo

Once Again, What’s The Name Of The Game? B.A.P da ireoseo

kkeuteomneun jeonjaengeun nugul wihaeinna(Bang Bang) bigeophage da geudae dwieseo meoril gyeonunda geudaedeurui wiseoneun yongseobadeul su inna(Bomb Bomb) eoduun gamyeon sogeul da deonjyeo Get It On

Warrior taeyangarae neoreul matgyeobwa nae gaseume bureul jipyeobwa digidigideom digidigideom

Warrior chongalboda jomdeo ppareuge nigaseume pago deureoga digidigideom digidigideom

mogeul joyeoganda*whistle* Get down *whistle* get down Get get get get get down *whistle x2* Get down *whistle* get down *whistle* (Bow wow wow wow wow)

Get down *whistle* get down *whistle* Get get get get get down *whistle x2* Get down *whistle* get down *whistle* (Bow wow wow wow wow)

Yeahginagin ssaume mogi mareungeu daedeureul wihae nallineun Punch seoroga dareugo pyeoneul gareugogeu mari got mujihan saramdeul marigo shimjange ullineun nae mari nimalgwa dareunihwaganani deureo samadi jansori

(Rest In Peace) jinshildeureul wihan i gido garyeojin shiseutem geomeun geurimjaga wiro deopyeodo gulhaji annneun shinseonghan baetji What’s The Name Of The Game? B.A.P

jeolmangui neupeseo sara bonjeok inna (Bang Bang) angmongdeuri nal goerophyeo gil irheun nachimban angma gateun ipsullo neon swipge malhal tenga (Bomb Bomb) hana dulsshik jugeoga jiok gateun mare sumi meojeoga

Warrior taeyangarae neoreul matgyeobwa nae gaseume bureul jipyeobwa digidigideom digidigideom

Warrior chongalboda jomdeo ppareuge ni gaseume pago deureoga digidigideom digidigideom

mogeul joyeoganda*whistle* Get down *whistle* get downGet get get get get down *whistle x2* Get down *whistle* get down *whistle* (Bow Wow Wow Wow Wow)

*dance break*(B.A.P x16)

haneurarae geudaen garyeojiji annneunda sumeobwado jinshil ape mureup kkurnneunda

neoneoneoneoneoneo neoneo neon~

Warrior taeyangarae neoreul matgyeobwa nae gaseume bureul jipyeobwa digidigideom digidigideom

Warrior chongalboda jomdeo ppareuge ni gaseume pago deureoga digidigideom digidigideom

mogeul joyeoganda*whistle* Get down *whistle* get down Get get get get get down *whistle x2* Get down *whistle* get down *whistle* (Bow Wow Wow Wow Wow)


Credits : Bangsters Malaysia

Shared by : BAP archives


(These are updates of what B.A.P were talking about on radio)

B.A.P said they will have individual performance @ this friday showcase!!

DJ ask B.A.P to gv some hint for their individual performance,they said it’s a secret & ask BABYs to be ready!

#onefm is playing Warrior now

BABYS who’re going to Showdown can buy B.A.P Showcase with 20% discount 🙂

Zelo have the most female fans

B.A.P said their hobby is practising dance, song 🙂

B.A.P said sometimes they’ll play football and watch movie at their dorm 🙂

B.A.P said all of them love sports 🙂

B.A.P is speaking easy Bahasa Malaysia & Chinese words 🙂

Beside hip-hop, B.A.P would like to try R&B and other kind of genre for their future songs 🙂

BAP learning malaysia language like, “terimakasih” “apa kabar” “aku cinta padamu”

B.A.P said they practised a lot for this Malaysia Showcase 🙂

The radio interview has just ended.


Credits : BAPUpdates

Shared by : BAP archives


120629 Daehyun’s Post on B.A.P’s Official Fancafe

Hello This is B.A.P’s Daehyun.

I come to the fancafe almost every day, but it’s been a long time since I’ve left a message.

Yesterday was my first birthday since B.A.P’s debut, and I’ve received very many congratulations from BABYs.

When I read the cafe messages filled with care and love as well as the letters, I once again feel thankful to BABYs. ^^

To give a little bit of news about B.A.P,

We are practicing diligently day and night to show BABYs a better side of us. We are recording too.

We are working hard to stand on stage with improvements, so please wait just a little more for us to return to BABYs’ sides!!!

^^ I’m always thankful to our BABYs~ And I love you!!!


credit : BAP official fancafe + via kpopgp + MalaysiaBAP

shared by : BAP archives



B.A.P did/carried out their comeback. Although it was a blank period as short as approximately 2 months, strangely enough, it felt that their seats are very large. Maybe because of that, their comeback this time, gathered a great/much attention than before. Along with B.A.P, there are many comeback of star group, but because their debut achievement, they were particularly shining among those star group. They are not just shining from the surface/appearance, it’s because they shines from the inside.



The priority role given now is to work well rather than love
The image of B.A.P that the fans think is very strong/powerful. We will surely lost if we fight with them, that is what the imagine would be. We can feel the strength and charisma from the oldest in the group, Bang Yongguk and Himchan, and also the youngest 15 years old Zelo as a rapper standing on stage, giving an impression of a strong aura which do not meet his age. However, their appearance when they got off stage were very cute and boys with nice smile.
—— Although the blank period was about 2 months, it feels like a long time, how have you been? Yongguk: Yes! We were fine! We wanted to show our appearance to our fans fast/soon, we have been preparing with our utmost effort.
—— The music video is really cool! If there is any episode during the shooting please tell us about it. Although I think that there were a lot of hardships/ troubles filming that… Zelo: Please do not pursue too much. Because it was really hard… During shooting, the green paint was painted on our body and after that our skin tone became a lot worse… The shooting was done until midnight and we continue wearing the wet shoes… There were bruises to the extent. Himchan: Because my order of shooting was the latest, I do not have much trouble/difficulties… (laughs).
—— The music video’s scale was really large. I think it took a lot of production costs too… Yongguk: That right. The size of spaceship with the weight of 700kg and height of 18m is very overwhelming. It took approximately 3 months for the staff to complete the spaceship. Everyone look at us can call us “spinal cord breaker (?)”. Eat up the spinal cord (?) of the society… (laughs). Although it’s a joke, it seems like spreading what we saw in a block buster Hollywood movie, I’m very happy.
—— Was there any injury? The performance was also intense, I thought there would be many accident… Yongguk: Of course there was! Perhaps because of the thick makeup the face was swollen here and there… In addition, there was an accident during the scene of kicking choreography. I have been kicked in the face by Zelo. The problem is, the blood came out from my face… Zelo: I’m really sorry. But that wasn’t on purpose. Yongguk: I know this (laughs). Besides that, our whole body was painted and even now it has not disappear… Also I could not found the way (make it disappear)… Also for part in the performance where we spread/open our leg, perhaps because we did not stretch enough, when we get up after shooting, everyone cried in pain (laughs).
—— There is a lot of painful episode… Is there any interesting/funny episode (laughs)? Daehyun: The music video filming location was at more of the coastline in Incheon and I was really troubled because there was no toilet. I wanted to use the bottom of the huge bridge as a toilet but somehow I did not go. I endured for a long time, in the end when I ran/rush to that toilet to get it done, I saw the light of a car from a distance. The soldiers who were riding in the car, they saluted/greeted me when they saw me. Do not look at it in much detail… (laughs).
—— Because of the busy schedule, I thought that you all will not be able to meet your family often too… Jongup: Yes… During this time, I suddenly had time, I secretly went home without telling my parents, everyone was really surprised. Especially my brother who thought that there was a thief entered our house (laugh). I hided secretly and made everyone surprised (laugh). Himchan: Same goes to me. My mother was surprised and let out a huge voice “Kya!”, I think that my father was surprised that he almost fall down, I almost got scold (laughs).
—— If this album is successful, you all will also show great gratitude toward your family. Youngjae: Yes. Because of that we practice hard every day. To be honest, in the beginning, I was concerned whether I were be able to achieve, but I have noticed that if you try hard there is nothing that cannot be done. Love? I am not really interested in that now. We do your best with the role given to us and we do your best not to disappoint your fans, that’s our top goal/objective. Please look forward to our activity this time.


Credits : Pics: Trans: Suli1031 @ BAPUpdates

Shared by : BAP archives



(Part I –

Part II –

Part III –

Quickly “give me now” this magazine which introduces artist, a new series will start following after INFINITE ♥ A connect relay with asking question among member. An interview, along with B.A.P’s comeback! A relay in order starting from the maknaes to the leader. Part 1, maknae, Zelo will interview Jongup. Zelo is the maknae in B.A.P and also the tallest. He still has small children cheeks and he’s 15 year old! However, his rap is aggressive to ultra-high-speed. In contrast with the dramatic performance on stage, during the interview, he smiles and talks gently. The on and off gap, the presence of someone who came out from a two-dimensional which is his charm.

If it’s the young Zelo, will you able to have an innocent love?

Zelo: “Finally our series has started! Part 1, me, Zelo, will interview B.A.P’s dancing machine, Jongup hyung, I will explore the presence of my own! Well, let’s begin the question immediately. What is my first impression?”
Jongup: “The first time I saw Zelo was during June last year. We were still trainee at that time. When I came back from school and drop by the practice room, Zelo was there. Because I heard the people in the company said that “a child who is in charge of rap has came”, “is this the child who in charge of rap…, he is tall” that was what I thought of (laughs). When we got along, at that time we talked about various things right?”
Zelo: “Yes. We talked about dancing right. Then Jongup hyung told me “Show me your dance”.”
Jongup: “Yeah. Zelo danced very well while he was a little shy. With surprising ability, although he was still a junior high school student”
Zelo: “A year has passed since then, Jongup hyung, from what you saw, did I change?”
Jongup: “When we first met, because having such technique during that age, on the other hand the thought being an important person, because you are so skilful, I thought you were someone who brag about yourself. I thought that will you will also show your pride to the senior. But, in fact when we live together, you are very pure. I can know your progress with your effort and passion, I also saw you growing daily. Recently, your muscle is also growing (laughs). If I were to become Zelo, for Zelo’s body, I will exercise firmly and will create a body/ body shape for him (laughs)”
Zelo: “Huhuhu, I am glad/happy. Because I admire Jongup hyung’s muscle. During 『Power』, Jongup hyung’s performance is really cool!”
Jongup: “Difficult techniques/moves are also introduced. One of the technique/move is called “Wa Wa (?)”. Then, at the high point of the song, there is a technique/move called “Hook”. The choreography which look like chopping the wood, become the point of this song”
Zelo: “The feature is also the dance which used the spray. What should I do if I drop the spray when I am dancing?”
Jongup: “Without picking it up and pretend holding the spray (laughs)”
Zelo: “Yes, Sir! Well then, the next question. Compare/illustrate me with “I am OO person”.”
Jongup: “Zelo is “a young person”. Young boy! Still a child (laughs)”
Zelo: “Although I’m still a child, is there a part/point like that which can be respected? Please praise me~”
Jongup: “First of all, height (laughs). I am a bit weak standing in front of public, but when Zelo stand and show in front of public, he likes to draw people’s attention. It is also necessary for B.A.P, I’m envious/jealous of that part of Zelo. Besides, when practice dancing while playing over the music, I feel like it matches Zelo. When we dance together, it’s very interesting”
Zelo: “We match/fits right!”
Jongup: “Our taste(?) of laughter are the same right! In the future, I feel that we will likely to have a long-term relationship (laughs)”
Zelo: “If you were to introduce a member to your sister, who will you introduce?”
Jongup: “Zelo! The reason is because he is the youngest (laughs). If I have a sister, will she be same age as Zelo or younger than Zelo, because of that, would be able to have the most pure love/purest love. Although the other hyungs are not bad, but it’s a little…. (sweat)”
Zelo: “Huhu, Thank you. Next I will talk a lot about Jongup hyung. Please look forward to it!”

In the next issue, Jongup will interview Zelo♥♥♥!

Credits: PIC: ZELOCHINA l TRANS: Suli1031 @ BAPUpdates

Shared by : BAP archives