Since MAY 11, 2012… bringing the latest news and updates about TS Ent’s new boy group B.A.P. which stands for ‘Best, Absolute and Perfect’.

Hello Babyz! I’m not really good at intros so pardon me if this is a bit informal. ^o^

Well, the administrators of this page are Ivy (me) & Catthi. I started making this page by myself originally just for fun. I’ve been a fan of Bang Yongguk since his first public appearance with Song Jieun for ‘Going Crazy’. (of course, i didn’t know his name at first but because of his deep voice,he did catch my attention and i started to be interested with him. I even proclaimed myself as his cousin. im a crazy fangirl, i So, i was very ecstatic when i knew that he was going to be a part of TSent’s new boy group!) So much for that. XD   I can proudly say that i’ve been a baby since their debut (or even before?)  (^_^)v Wondering who’s my bias? MOON JONGUP! Reasons? Watch their shows and you’ll know why. Even though i liked Bang first…as i’ve said he’s only my cousin! I’m a DaeJae shipper.

Personal infos? I’m an Asian,k? I’m currently a 3rd year college student taking up a pre-medical course. So, expect admin M to be online only for about 2-3 times a week. /sobs/ im always busy. /sobs more/ Im really thankful that i have Catthi with me to help me run this blog. =)

Lastly, I hope you,fellow earthlings, enjoy your visit in our page!

– Admin M (Ivy)

Hello there everybody ^0^ This is the assistant admin Catthi~ Hmm.. to start off, I started getting interested in this group B.A.P. when Bang and Zelo came out with “Never Give Up”. I was amazed by “Going Crazy” and “I Remember” but I though Youngguk was this scary guy because of his deep voice. (^_^;) But when I saw him and Zelo in “Never Give Up” everything just seemed so happy. Also, that was what made Zelo my bias. ^^ I usually fall for the cute ones, but strangely, I was actually having a hard time choosing biases as I watched B.A.P. grow from their debut days because all of them were cute in their own way, but nevertheless, Zelo still wins. :3 The other members give more of a dorky oppa feeling to me.

For some personal info, I’m still in high school and as a hint, Zelo is still an oppa to me. I’m addicted to the computer so I’m online pretty often, but that also caused my fast computer to break soo..>ㅁ<Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon and I won’t be too lazy to update on this slow computer anymore. I’m also Asian if you’re curious. I can read/understand limited Korean so I translate some related B.A.P tweets that other fansites don’t for fun sometimes. *.* And lastly, I want to thank Ivy for inviting me to help run this blog, ever since then, I’ve been participating in the Kpop world and making friends as opposed to just stalking. 사랑해 언니 <3(*´▽`*)

-Assistant Admin P (Catthi)