B.A.P 1st Mini Album ‘NO MERCY’ 젤로, 방용국, 영재 사진 공개 ! Zelo & Bang Yong Guk & Young Jae


After revealing that the boys of B.A.P were slated to make a comeback on July 19th with “No Mercy”, TS Entertainment has released to allkpop, several of the album jacket photos for their members Zelo, Youngjae, and Bang Yong Guk.

According to TS Entertainment, the new, 180-degree turnaround concept for the B.A.P members is a ‘pop-boy’ style, meaning someone who takes the lead on style and fashion among his peers.

Using eclectic colors with fanciful, sporty poses, it seems like the boys of B.A.P are ready to show us a side of themselves their fans have never seen before!

Stay tuned for further teasers from B.A.P, only on allkpop!



Credits : B.A.P’s Official Facebook and allkpop

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