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B.A.P가 첫 번째 미니앨범 발표에 앞서 선공개곡 ‘Goodbye’를 오늘 자정 공개합니다. 그 동안 ‘WARRIOR’와 ‘POWER’ 등 힙합을 베이스로 락과 크럼프 등을 가미한 강렬한 남성적 음악을 선보여왔던 B.A.P가 이번에는 선공개곡 ‘Goodbye’를 통해 정통 락을 선보입니다. B.A.P의 첫 번째 미니앨범에 많은 기대와 응원 부탁 드립니다.

ENG> Dear BABYz, we’re happy to announce that B.A.P will release their first mini album soon. And before the first mini album, the first song ‘Goodbye’ will be unveiled at today’s midnight. Unlike ‘WARRIOR’ and ‘POWER,’ ‘Goodbye’ is the traditional rock, which will show the other talent of B.A.P. Please give B.A.P cheers and support!

B.A.P Will Release New Mini Album With a Song Arranged By Seo Taiji Band’s TOP

B.A.P is making a return with Goodbye.

TS Entertainment revealed B.A.P will release a new track titled Goodbye on July 10 ahead of the release of B.A.P’s first mini album.

Goodbye is already receiving buzz for having been arranged by Seo Taiji Band’s guitarist TOP (not to be confused with T.O.P of Big Bang), who has arranged Seo Taiji’s solo tracks for over 10 years.

Goodbye will mark TOP’s first musical arrangement for a group and not a band and the track’s guitar, bass, drums and other instruments were performed by TOP himself.

According to TS Entertainment, “For B.A.P who has shown strong masculine music through rock and crump with hip hop as a base through songs like Warrior and Power, the group plans to show pure rock through this new preview track.”

Goodbye is said to be a hopeful message encouraging individuals who have given up his or her childhood dreams to not be afraid of a new beginning.

A final release date for B.A.P’s mini album has not yet been revealed.

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