Q. In an interview, Youngjae oppa said that if given a day of freedom, you would go to practice but the truth is, when practicing, which member will practice the most?
A. All of the members practice together ! (except me)
Q. Oppa !! Do you have lots of interest in composing?? If you have loads, what would you like to learn haha ?
A. I like to learn everything; composing, lyrics-writing !
Q. Being a vocal, there must be a lot of condition, your windpipe must constantly be one of it… what would you usually do to your windpipe?
A. The most important thing is to sleep a lot !
Q. Youngjae oppa, how do you fell into a song? Please specify.
A. What attitude do I need to fall into a song, I don’t know. I just fell into that moment.
Q. I seem to have a habit of writing oppa’s (name) a lot, oppa, what do you always write? Is it like Zelo oppa’s ‘you’re mine~’
A. BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Q. What is B.A.P and BABY to oppa?
A. My lifeblood.
Q. What is the song that you want BABY to hear the most?
A. Musiq Soulchild – LOVE
Q. Oppa’s dream of being a singer is high, any words of the students
A. I view my dream to be a singer as a glory.
To be a singer I think you need to have experience, it’s a job where thoughts and feelings are expressed through songs.
There’s a charm to it so, work hard to achieve your dream!
Q. A role you want to be in the group ex) Bang Yongguk rap, maknae, leader
A. Leader
Q. Marshall Foster said ‘We will be happy if we are thankful with people around us. Like a mysterious gardener who’s persuade the souls of the flowers’, nowadays, who’s that mysterious gardener that made you happy??!
A. Music, B.A.P and BABY
Q. Your first impression that you really like hearing the most from and the reason?
A. Jongup. Pure.
Q. What do you usually do in the dorm! So, what are you doing?? I’m curious! haha
A. Monitor ourselves on the TV ! Been checking the cheers that BABY had left for us !
Q. A song that went out to your soul and brings tears the first time you listen to it?
A. Smokie Norful – I need you know
Q. A B.A.P song that’s your favorite?
A. Lie Lie
Q. If you were given a vacation, where would you want to go?
A. With all my friends to the beach
Q. Among the B.A.P members, who do you want a praise the most from?
A. Yonggukie hyung
Q. If you were to do different thing, what would it be?
A. Producer
Q. Youngjae oppaaaaaaaaak bbuing auk nowadays your charisma on stage is wow.. But I have a question~ yes! Behind that eye-striking charisma, honestly, do you see yourself in the mirror?!when no one is there except you
A. It’s just natural when I practice ! No one knows and not one ever ! keke
Q. Now with the release of the 2nd album and two tittle songs, you seem to have a very unusual hairstyle, how are you going to challenge with the next hairstyle?
A. I want to be a more cooler man than I am now ! ke
Q. Youngjae-gun! In By B.A.P, you seem to write there daily! You really do come a lot! (You don’t seem to have a busy day everyday? haha)
A. Official Photos, Official Videos, Monitoring, to.B.A.P, I read everything there !!!
Nowadays, BABYs seems to write a little more !!!
I read everything, so please write more !!!

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