Q. Oppa, during Power promotions, in the broadcasting part of ‘bomb bomb follow me’, is the smile part of the intention?
A. Yes. I saw all the broadcasting and it seems like it’s the most weakest point, wasn’t it too bright?
With that smile, I wish to move all of you.
Q. I want B.A.P to not break off for a long long time~ I want to be the members’ horsepower, walking confidently together, what’ll B.A.P’s appearance be in 10 years??? I’m curious~!!
A. 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years, B.A.P and BABY are forever.
Q. Oppa’s deep, low bass voice is really attractive, so far in your life, have you ever hated having it? I’m a girl and I have a bass voice myself, it’s rather complicated T_T
A. I never thought that my voice is attractive, never even thought that I hated it. I love it myself. That’s about it.
Q. I’m confused towards the members, are they still OK at this point? In the song Power, there’s this lyric (정의는 없어) ‘it has no definition’, really in this society, who is there to believe, I’m confused. Also, in the lyric, there’s the word ‘ego’, if ‘ego’ is 자아(ja-a)ego in korean), when I heard the song, the meaning of the 자아 gives a a lot of different feeling that the 자아 that I know.
I’m curious of what meaning it tried to grasp, the word 자아, in the song. It somewhat bother me to why the word ‘ego’ was chosen, when 자아 has a lot of other meaning.I was curious and can’t think of any other possibilities but to ask the question since I first listen to the music. It was something that left me wandering. 🙂
A. There are possibilities with the definition of this word but I guess it’s no different from the other. In ‘POWER’, there is no other definition other than it being about social justice. Just think of it, this is specifically pointed to them, with anger, saying ‘don’t you have conscience?’. The lyrics to the rap parts in Zelo’s, ego is about self-esteem. When B.A.P sings the song, it means that we are undeterred by them. That is the reason why we said ego, in other words, it’s our self-esteem.
Q. Yonggukkie oppa! Among all the songs that you made, where would you get your inspiration from?
A. It’s various. For ‘Secret Love’, I was inspired by a movie. ‘What the hell’ was inspired by the social issues. I got my inspiration for ‘Power’ from Picasso’s piece of work ‘Guernica’. Today, I just wait for anything to give me some, I anticipate it everyday.
Q. I just recently read the lyrics and I was very inspired. There is always this constant challenge we have in ourself when we want to achieve something, your appearance really had touched my heart deeply, I think I want to live like that myself too. Whatever the dream, there should be no giving up but to make the best out of the dream is what I’m curious about. Please give me strength so that my dream is impossible.
A. First, I think you’re in desperation. And you should know that it’s the value that’s important. (Say to yourself) My dream is about how long specifically, (who to) meet and gaze upon others, in a desperate hope, that hope will be the driving force to my dream. Giving up will show that I’m weak, perhaps even my appearance will be that as of a dung. What I say is, you have to reflect upon yourself.
Q. Yonggukkie hyung, hello! I’m a BABY. I want to have rapping skills like hyung too. Since my family have pressed me on this, I would like to go out on this in the future, I want to know on how to start, how to practice, also the process of what I’ll be facing. I really like your rapping. I really want this to be my dream. If you could give me some advice, thank you. Please treat me well. Thank you~^^! B.A.P! Yes, sir!
A. There really is none on ‘how to do it’. It’s more to your mind and attitude and of course, the hip hop element in you. As for me, I have never once received a professional music education. I just enjoyed music, it’s the fun in playing it that I discovered. The first and last of it will vary. The hard feeling of it and the bump to play is really different.
Q. How do you relieve yourself from the building stress?
A. Being alone or play alone.
Clear your head from thinking.
Don’t think of anything and whatever it is, be at a quiet place.
Q. What difference it is before and debut?
A. Many people has shown interest in us, I feel kind of burdened.
Q. Thinking as a leader, what do you really think about the B.A.P’s friendship amongst each other?
A. They’re cool friends. At times, the kids’ purity makes me feel pure too.
Q. Oppa, since you have been lurking around at the cafe, with the exception of the To Member board, which part do you lurk the most??!!!
A. Photoshop & Capture. There are many funny things there.
Q. Since debut, which stage is the most enjoyable and happy one?
A. I always enjoy and feel happy whenever I’m on stage.
Q. When Yongguk oppa has his first feeling from your first singer, what did you started to do?
A. I tried singing. Except rap.
Q. To Bang Yongguk, BABY is?
A. The driving force to the existence of my music.The people that I’m closest to.
Q. To B.A.P leader, your most happy stage after debut?
A. Always.
Q. Before going up on stage, what does your heart say to make you go up there?
A. Let’s play.
Q. Yonggukie oppa, what do you think you’ll be doing once you’re 50 years old?
A. To have the ability of giving off positive energies to my juniors.
Q. When do you feel you have the most strength from BABY? hehe
A. We received the strength when we’re on stage.
Q. The driving force of Yongguk oppa’s music?
A. Grandfather, grandmother and BABY
Q. Which singer do Yongguk oppa want to do better than?
A. Because of them, I received a lot of influence.
All of them had been such good influence, I want to stand with them.

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