Q. Jongup oppa!! The cheer that you that give you most strength from BABY? ♥
A. Every of BABYs cheer gives me strength !
Q. When Jongup oppa dances with not even a a smile, your charisma seems to explode!! When do you dance what are you usually thinking of..
A. When I dance, I seem to be committed to the music and at times I don’t know how to express myself other than dancing
Q. I saw in B.A.P diary that you address your hyungs with honorifics, do you usually do that?
A. Yes. I’m at ease when I use honorifics rather than taking informally, at times too I’ll use honorifics to Zelo he
Q. Jongup oppa talks using letters? Or not a lot with letters? (Until now your character seems to have more charm)
A. Although at times I will annoy people, I somewhat like the joke.
Q. What else do you like beside dancing?
A. I like singing. I like Chris Brown too.
Q. If you have a kind of superpower, what ability do you want
A. Time adjustment. I think that’ll be convenient.
Q. Till now, pick one B.A.P song that you want to choreograph alone if given the chance to?
A. In the 2nd album, POWER album, Fight For Freedom
Q. Since when do you and who got you into dancing?
A. When I first saw the hyungs at my school doing b-boy, I started to b-boy as well.
When I was a trainee, I know a lot from Chris Brown
and since then, I really like dancing.
Q. haha the one who’s in charge majestic dancing Jongup oppa! The dance of Warrior and Power seems to be getting more radical…. So, I really like the dance of Power more!! has it been there like that?
A. The first part of choreographer by Yonggukie hyung seems cool.
Q. 6-syllables that you want to express to the thankful fans?
A. Our-life-time-to-get-her. (평생 같이 가요 – let’s go our lifetime together)
Q. The words you want to her the most from BABY?
A. Our lifetime, together. (평생 같이 가요 – let’s go our lifetime together)
Q. What will you do in the car once it’s moving??? haha
A. Listening to music, watching videos, playing games, sleep a little on Daehyun’s neck
Q. A B.A.P member that you get acquainted with faster during trainee days?
A. Yonggukkie hung. Please take care of me well.
Q. Nowadays, Jongup oppa fans seems to be more! Why do think it is so?
A. Really? Maybe it’s because when I’m with B.A.P, I received lots of love. Thank you.
Q. Oppa dances really well!!! Do you like dancing since your childhood?? Also do you acquire your talent naturally, I’m really just curious!!
A. I first started dancing when I was in middle school.
I wasn’t born with it naturally, it’s just that I like it and since then, I will always dance
Q. Hello Jongup oppa, I’m an Incheon fan eke I’m curious towards oppa! In the past, you appeared in Secret unnies’ Shy Boy MV and even danced to one of the retro dance, it’s keke did you think of it yourself, if not is the retro dance part scripted
A. kekeke at first I just seem to pass in with the rhythm.
Then, I just dance to it, I think it fits well with Shy Boy’s retro concept.
Q. Is your real personality the one who likes to smile a lot or just shy?
A. I like to smile.
I think people mistaken me a lot for that on the first time.
Q. A song that you would like to recommend to fans
A. Chris Brown – Sweet Love
Q. During your trainee days, the ones who’ll replenish your energy?
A. The members or Chris Brown
Q. When is the most happiest moment when your with the B.A.P members?
A. At this moment now, I think.

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