Q. During Warrior and Power, you added an original strong expression in the choreography, or not, it’s more like an ad-lib, is that how you like it? I always get this big impact whenever I listen to it T_T I really, really like it! That expression!
A. Hmm… I improvise. At first, it was not but title by little, I changed it. I won’t change the expression ^_^
Q. If oppa were given a free day, how would you spend that day?
A. I want to go to the cafe and watch people !
Q. I see that oppa is happy everyday. hehe Till now in your lifetime, when do you feel the most happiest?
A. 26th January, 2012 is when I felt the most happiest.
Q. Himchan oppa, what do you usually do in your dorm once you get a chance of it, I’m curious!
A. I will monitor our broadcast performance and watch a movie.
Q. You gave BABY the most inspiration at these times, when do you feel the most thankful?
A. I always feel thankful but, my birthday party has not been done but BABYs help to put them in order!
19th of April, 2012. I was really touched!
Q. Many have been curious when thinking about it. You had been involved with traditional music since childhood and the life of a singer is limited, I’m curious.
A. When I was young, I came across with various genres of music. So, when I was in my high school days, I went for my first casting and I got in. I was charmed by hook song and hip hop went I entered university.
Q. Oppa, do you always go to this cafe? If you do, which is your most visited place ? I’m really curious I could got crazy !!! Answer, want you(?) !!!! ♥
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Q. Before going on stage and before the cheers from fans, what do you think of?
A. I think that I should show a cool stage.
Q. In B.A.P, I’m the best at this~! is there any..^^?
A. Musical instruments ? ^_^ !
Q. Oppa’s hair is cut short is really~~cool! Do you plan to keep that hair, oppa?
A. The percentage of me wanting it is 80% !
Q. The genie is giving you three wishes and they are?
A. B.A.P award
My body will not break for as long as I live
The health for my family, me and everyone I know
Q. Before your debut, what time when it was difficult?
A. Having to live separately from my family…
Q. If you thought you were to die for it, what will it be?
A. Billboard chart No.1, be No.1 on Times for the world’s most influential kekeke
Q. To any one member, an aim in life that you have not achieve but want to?
A. The popularization of traditional music, the combination of world music
Q. The comparison between before and after debut! When will you think that “I’m really am a celebrity”??
A. There really is a big difference. Even going out to restaurants they know what day!
Q. Most special day since debut??
A. Music Bank first broadcast !
Q. In Himchan oppa’s workshop, you have been squinting at the fans for a long time and it seems like a habit, why is it like that?
A. Sorry… I have a bad eyesight T_T
Q. Himchan oppa! What words do you like the most to hear from BABYs to you oppa?
A. That you gain a lot of energy from of our performance.
Q. BABY are really bunch of pretties! Also, when do you see BABYs the most prettiest? I will practice… ♥
A. At the broadcast station, staff told me that they when they arranged(?) BABYs, they were really well-mannered! Don’t ever fight !
Q. To the Traditional Music Ulzzang and the warrior of B.A.P, Himchan, how do you want your tribute to be?
A. I like B.A.P Himchannie. Carpe diem !

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