Q. A word that’ll give you strength?
A. You can do it ! You’re gonna do it ! Don’t worry !
Q. From the day you were born till now, when is the moment where you sing is the most happiest?
A. When I first sing in front of my parents.
Q. Daehyun oppa, tell us the charms of each member~ Oppa’s charm to
A. Yongguk hyung – his charm is his deep, low bass Voice
Himchan hyung – flawless, sexy, pretty
Youngjae – his charm is his Voice and vocal talent
Jongup – nice body that strikes the eyes and dance talent !
Zelo – rap talent and cute appearance !
Me – I have no charm…
Q. Hello~ I would like a reply. I’m a Singapore noona fan! Fighting! A habit that you have before you start recording?
A. First I make sure I clean my throat ! And loosen my neck !
Q. One the days that you have no activities, your resting day, what do you always do, I’m curious!!
A. Mostly we spend it by practicing.
Q. Whenever you feel weary, what would you do to gain back strength?
A. Just being around with members and hyungs
Q. Up on stage, I always see Daehyun-gun with lots of delicate parts, what would you do to your throat, I’m curious~!
A. I frequently drink (생강차) lemon ginger tea.
Q. If B.A.P didn’t debut, where will you be?
A. Um… Can’t I just practice more to sing better ?
Q. Nowadays, my friend seems to fall a lot over Jung Daehyun-ssi. So, she became totally different when she sees you keke I like you a lot too, as a fan, what do you like to see in them? If you say no comment means that you hate it keke
A. No comment keke just kidding. When I see my fans, I feel a lot of strength. In the future too, please like me a lot ?
Q. Which member who’s funny and interesting and why do you think so???
A. Jongup-gunnie has a lot of wits, he’s a friend with lots of sense of humor
Q. Hello! I’m a Japanese fan^^ Since I’m a high school student, what to do if I want to focus?
A. When I was in high school, my dream was to become a singer and I want to achieve that, so I practice a lot !
Q. Because of oppa’s age, there must be a lot of relationship that you can’t see but when you sing, why are you so full of emotions? Are you really in a secret love?!? hahaha Just kidding, is it because you concentrate a lot on singing!? if it’s true!
A. My feelings are 100% because I watch a lot of movies with feelings I can relate too.
Q. I heard that Daehyun-gun is always with his iPad.. What are you always doing on your iPad?
A. I frequently visits the fancafe. I watch a lot of MVs too !
Q. Nowadays, what is the song that you hear the most and felt happy?
A. It’s a Korean artiste.
40’s(?) R&B genre, it really expresses the feeling well.
Q. At which stage do you think about BABY the most? When you wake up in the morning, what will be the first thing you do?
A. BABY is always in heart ! I will wash my face first when I wake up in the morning.
Q. A thing that B.A.P hopes from BABY?
A. I hope that you can form a tighter bond as one.
Q. Your best memory during one of B.A.P activities?
A. Singapore fanmeeting.
Q. Instead of singing(music), another field that you would like to study?
A. I can play a little of musical instrument but, I want to learn it properly.
Q. What are the words that you want to hear the most from fans?
A. (꿀성) ‘honey-voiced’ Daehyun. Praised as the best vocal

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